Beef’s Bracketology, 2020 Final Edition

So after that head swelling bracket I put out the other night, I may or may not have been suffering a viral infection. I think it was a result from the African Sleeping Sickness.

Whatever the case, I’m a little late on this. Would have done this yesterday, but I was busy embarrassing myself at my league’s 22nd Fantasy Baseball draft. I used to be so good at Fantasy Baseball, but any more, I’m just a Joe Sub-Average bum.

Back to basketball now. Did a lot more number playing with the final bracket, especially when I got to my final four selections. I charted about twelve teams for those last four spots. I didn’t create a new algorithm or anything like that, I went straight Associated Press “point-style voting”. I ranked each team among the others in the group in Sagarin, KenPom, NET, Last 10 Game Win Percentage and Overall Quad 1 & 2 Win Percentage. I let those numbers determine the final four teams, not necessarily the order.

Doing so actually brought one more mid-major into The Dance. Or it would have, as it turns out. That final team to make the field was Northern Iowa. Which brought the mid-major at-large number to five. Five out of thirty-six. A terrible number overall, but actually pretty close to par from the last three to five years.

Multiple Bids By Conference

  • 9, Big Ten (down 1)
  • 6, Big East (down 1)
  • 5, Atlantic Coast (up 1)
  • 5, Big XII
  • 5, Pacific Twelve
  • 5, Southeastern
  • 3, American
  • 3, West Coast
  • 2, Atlantic Ten
  • 2, Missouri Valley (up 1)
  • 2, Mountain West

No real RiSK Rankings this time around. Yes, I still used them as a general rule, but the teams are actually list on the chart by seed. And for the most part, they are in numerical order. Or as The Committee terms it, the S-curve.

So that’s it for this season – in more ways than one. Damn the Cornoavirus! Hopefully this is all settled by the beginning of May, AT LEAST! And we can get our planet, country and sports world back in order. God willing, I’ll see you guys on College Sports Madness and here On Press Row with some FCS Football material in the mid-summer.

Last Four Teams In, With Byes

  • Rutgers, Wichita State, Oklahoma, Texas Tech

Last Four Teams In, Play-In Games

  • Arizona State, Mississippi State, North Carolina State, Northern Iowa

Beef’s Final Bracket for 2020

Seed List For Final Bracket