Beef’s Bracketology, March 11, 2020 Edition

No real changes since Monday’s update. There real differences come in the low- and mid-majors. Since some of those conferences have finished up, there are less teams being tracked. Northern Kentucky moved into the Horizon’s automatic vacated by Wright State. As every other conference gets done or gets started, teams will start moving in and out with more frequency. Unless of course, the projected teams hold serve, then I’ll be posting a lot about nothing. Next update will come Friday.

Multiple Bids By Conference

  • 10, Big Ten
  • 7, Big East
  • 5, Pacific Twelve
  • 5, Southeastern
  • 5, Big XII
  • 4, Atlantic Coast
  • 3, American
  • 3, West Coast
  • 2, Mountain West
  • 2, Atlantic Ten

Last Four Teams In, With Byes

  • Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Southern California, Richmond

Last Four Teams in, Play-In Games

  • Indiana, Stanford, Xavier, Mississippi State

First Eight Teams Missing The Cut

  • North Carolina State, Arizona State, Northern Iowa, St. Louis, Texas, Memphis, Notre Dame, Arkansas

Link to Beef’s Bracket for March 11, 2020

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