Beef’s Bracketology, March 9, 2020 Edition

After Northern Iowa‘s annihilation of Drake to end the regular season, Drake returned the favor in the Missouri Valley quarterfinals. Most likely, UNI will be left out of the party and sent to the NIT. Utah State, solidified a bid for the mid-majors by winning the Mountain West over San Diego State. East Tennessee State looks to clinch the Southern Conference on Monday. A loss will likely banish them as well as they’re playing a #7 seed, Wofford. Brigham Young and St. Mary’s play in the West Coast semifinals on Monday, the winner is a lock, even though the loser is probably still in also. Richmond and St. Louis continue to surge in the Atlantic Ten. One of those two could play themselves into a lock position by this coming weekend. That does it for the mid-majors.

I plan on doing Bracketology on Wednesday, Friday and a final edition on Sunday. As conference tournament action really gets going, there’ll be some in and out at the bottom of the bracket where the at-larges lie, around the 10 and 11 seeds. There will also be some in and out among the one-bid automatic qualifiers in the 12 to 16 seeds.

For those unfamiliar with my SKiN Rankings, it’s a metric I’ve created using equal parts of the Sagarin Rating(S), KenPom Ranking(K) and the NCAA NET Rankings(N). I use these as a general guide to both selecting and seeding teams. As the season goes along and gets closer to the end of the season, I’ll start incorporating each tracked team’s conference record and record vs. Quadrant 1 & 2 teams. This early in the season, it’s way more information than I feel like tracking, so I pass on it. But as teams start weeding each other out come mid-February and the tracked list shrinks, it’s a little more manageable and much less tedious.

Multiple Bids By Conference

  • 10, Big Ten
  • 7, Big East
  • 5, Pacific Twelve (down 1)
  • 5, Southeastern (up 1)
  • 5, Big XII
  • 4, Atlantic Coast (down 1)
  • 3, American
  • 3, West Coast
  • 2, Mountain West
  • 2, Atlantic Ten (up 1)

Last Four Teams In, With Byes

  • Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Southern California, Richmond

Last Four Teams in, Play-In Games

  • Indiana, Stanford, Xavier, Mississippi State

First Eight Teams Missing The Cut

  • North Carolina State, Arizona State, Northern Iowa, St. Louis, Texas, Memphis, Notre Dame, Arkansas

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