Beef’s Bracketology – January 6, 2020 Edition

Is it that time of year already? The FCS National Championship game hasn’t even been played yet – it’s this Saturday, January 11, for those who were wondering. For the record, I enjoy the FCS Bracketology much more, namely because I’m better at it. NCAA Basketball has been rough on me, though I have progressed the last few years.

So with this first edition of the 2019-2020 season, we’ll go through the same material as we always do. First we’ll look at the bid breakdown per conference. I’ll list those that have multiple bids, everyone else will be a single bid league. I’ll then list the last four teams who make the current field with byes, the four teams who made the field as play-ins and the first eight teams that missed the cut. At the end, there’ll be links to both my current SKiN Rankings and the current projected bracket. As an editorial note, there’s going to be a lot of give and take with the teams initially, as most have only a couple conference games played. So the automatic bids are going to the teams, for the most part, are in first place or tied for first place in their conference standings. Right now the bubble is gigantic, so picking teams to be in or out is very murky.

For those unfamiliar with my SKiN Rankings, it’s a metric I’ve created using equal parts of the Sagarin Rating(S), KenPom Ranking(K) and the NCAA NET Rankings(N). I use these as a general guide to both selecting and seeding teams. As the season goes along and gets closer to the end of the season, I’ll start incorporating each tracked team’s conference record and record vs. Quadrant 1 & 2 teams. This early in the season, it’s way more information than I feel like tracking, so I pass on it. But as teams start weeding each other out come mid-February and the tracked list shrinks, it’s a little more manageable and much less tedious.

Multiple Bids By Conference

  • 10, Big Ten
  • 6, Big East
  • 6, Southeastern
  • 5, Atlantic Coast
  • 5, Big XII
  • 5, Pacific Twelve
  • 3, American
  • 3, West Coast
  • 2, Atlantic Ten

Last Four Teams In, With Byes

  • Xavier, Virginia, Georgia, Oklahoma

Last Four Teams in, Play-In Games

  • Washington, Indiana, North Carolina State, Florida

First Eight Teams Missing The Cut

  • Oregon State, Utah, Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech, Georgetown, Texas Christian, Minnesota, Southern Methodist

Link for the Jan 6, 2020 SKiN Rankings

Link for the Beef’s Jan 6, 2020 Projected Bracket

As is normal, I’m going to let things progress a little before the next update, which will be in two weeks. See ya January 20!