Beef’s Bracketology, March 15, 2019 Edition

Beef's Bracketology

Not a lot to say here, just the updated bracket. If you frequent this writing, you’ll notice that the SKiN Rankings are now ranked by seed as opposed to a team’s actual SKiN number. It’s just a little easier to move through things quickly. A few notes…

  • Clemson drops into the “play-in” pool, switching with Temple. This might be tentative, as they still have very strong computer numbers and the play in the Atlantic Coast Conference.
  • Texas Tech lost their #2 seed to Michigan, after an early Big XII tourney loss.
  • Right now, Florida and Alabama are in a near dead heat for the very last bid, which is one of those “play-in” spots. The spot will go to Florida by default, but if they lose to Louisiana State today and Alabama would upset Kentucky, Alabama would leap frog into the final bid spot. Xavier will definitely jump into the discussion for this spot if they beat Villanova on Saturday.
  • There still a decent list of potential bid poachers out there. West Virginia(Big XII), Nebraska(Big Ten), Xavier(Big East), Colorado/Oregon(Pacific Twelve), South Carolina(Southeastern).
  • There’s also potential poachers in the Atlantic Ten(Virginia Commonwealth), Mid-American(Buffalo) and Mountain West(Nevada/Utah State), if the mentioned teams DON’T go on to win. Those four teams are all securely in the field. A poached bid would be disastrous for the Florida/Alabama/Xavier mix. A second or third poacher would put Clemson, Arizona State and Belmont in peril.

SKiN Rankings, March 15, 2019

The SKiN Rankings are for games played up to March 14. They haven’t been updated, just moved around for the teams switching spots in the bracket. The final edition on Sunday WILL be updated.

Beef’s Bracket, March 15, 2019 Edition