Beef’s Bracketology, March 13, 2019 Edition

Beef's Bracketology

Been a long time since I did his last…like 48 hours ago. But this is the busiest time of the season for college basketball bracketology. Not going to get into the conference multi-bid situation now, maybe on Sunday. But I will make some notes of what’s happened the last few days. Note that these included ONLY the games played through Tuesday night.

Last Four In(with byes): Minnesota, Clemson, Ohio State, Seton Hall

Last Four In(play-in): Temple, Belmont, Arizona State, Florida

First Eight Out: St. John’s, Texas, Alabama, Oregon, Creighton, Toledo, UNC-Greensboro, Lipscomb


  • St. Mary’s ended the suspense of their bubble peril by beaten previously #1 ranked Gonzaga. The West Coast automatic is theirs and it cannot be taken away. The loss will probably slot Gonzaga down in the overall pecking order a spot or two, but they should still be securely perched as a #1 seed on Sunday.
  • Eleven conference tournaments have been completed and guaranteed teams a spot in Sunday’s bracket. There will be one more completed tonight(Wednesday), the Patriot League. That leaves twenty more tournaments to go. Fourteen will finish on Saturday, the last six on Sunday.
  • For local interest, Iowa State currently sits at a #7 seed. Considering their recent woes, it would take a miraculous Big XII showing to move up. A win likely keeps them where they are. Two wins MIGHT get them up to a #6. Winning the automatic MIGHT get them to a #5, but it would be up in the air with other teams currently seeded around them. A first game loss could potentially drop them to a #8.
  • For local interest – part two, Iowa currently sits as a #8. And their recent woes have looked as bad or even worse than Iowa State’s. A couple of wins in the Big Ten could move them back up a spot. Winning the tourney could land them at a #6. A first game loss would probably dropped them to a #9, which would be insignificant. But there’s a chance teams currently behind them play up and force Iowa into the #10.

SKiN Rankings, through March 13, 2019

** NOTE** You’ll notice on the chart, some teams are highlighted in yellow and designated with three asterisks(***). These teams are locked in to the tournament as a conference tournament champion. Teams with a single asterisk are the top seed in their conference tournament, so they’re designated as their conference champion until their tournament has been completed.

Beef’s Bracket, March 13, 2019 Edition