Beef’s Bracketology, March 11, 2019 Edition

Beef's Bracketology

A look at the conference break down for the multi-bid leagues and Power Six conferences.

  • 9, Atlantic Coast [up 1 from last week]
  • 8, Big Ten
  • 7, Southeastern [down 1]
  • 7, Big XII [down 1]
  • 4, Big East
  • 4, American [up 1]
  • 2, Pacific Twelve
  • 2, Mountain West
  • 2, Ohio Valley [up 1]
  • 1, West Coast [down 1]

Conference tournament time has begun. Four bids are completed, officially. The biggest one of debate happened in the Ohio Valley. Murray State took the bid from Belmont. Now Belmont goes to a relatively shallow pool of at-large teams, praying for those last few bids. Belmont is very interesting coming from a conference that is barely considered a mid-major. That’s no fault of their own. The Bruins have decent to good computer numbers, including a 45 in the NCAA’s new NET tool. Thy didn’t have a lot of games against Quadrant 1 and 2 teams, but managed to go 5-3 in those they did. Many power conference schools in the same pool cannot boast a winning record.

Now that we’re in the final week, the plan is to do an update every other day until Selection Sunday. So the next Beef’s Bracketology will appear here on Wednesday. Another will come Friday. The final projection will come on Sunday, hopefully around 4pm, an hour and a half before the official pairing are released.

Last Four In, with a bye: Clemson, Ohio State, Seton Hall, Temple

Last Four In, play-in games: Belmont, Arizona State, St. John’s, Florida

First Eight Out: St. Mary’s, Texas, Furman, Lipscomb, Alabama, Oregon, Creighton, Furman

SKiN Rankings, March 11, 2019

Beef’s Bracket, March 11, 2019 Edition