Beef’s Bracketology, February 25, 2019 Edition

A look at the conference break down for the multi-bid leagues and Power Six conferences.

  • 9, Atlantic Coast
  • 8, Big Ten
  • 8, Big XII [up 1]
  • 8, Southeastern [up 1]
  • 4, American [up 1]
  • 3, Big East [down 1]
  • 2, Pacific Twelve
  • 2, Mountain West
  • 1, Atlantic Ten [down 1]
  • 1, Mid-American [down 1]

Right of the bat, the mid-majors lost bids this week. Bowling Green lost hold of their automatic spot in the Mid-American. Davidson, likewise, lost their spot in the Atlantic Ten. These were seen as likely future happenings, so they’re not a surprise. But it changes the entire dynamic of the bracket. Those two were holding down lower seeds, while their captors, Buffalo and Virginia Commonwealth already held spots as at-large teams. Now those become conferences with just the automatic bid. That means the mid-majors are only holding four of the thirty-six at-large spots right now.

That being said, the Atlantic Ten and Mid-American remain places where a bid could be poached by someone not named Buffalo or Virginia Commonwealth. Chances are very good that those teams will be at-large teams barring a total collapse in the regular season and early exits in their conference tournaments.

The only other places a poach could land the mid-majors another spot are the West Coast, where Gonzaga is staring a #1 seed in the West, without the aforementioned collapse. St. Mary’s is close to securing a bid for themselves, but their current record of 3-7 against Quadrants 1 & 2, doesn’t look good. The Southern is another place a bid could be gained. Wofford is all but a lock. Furman is in the neighborhood of gaining their own spot, but the conference sports two others, UNC-Greensboro and East Tennessee State, that have gaudy records. The Ohio Valley has Belmont or Murray State, that should take the  conference’s automatic. The other still has an outside shot of gaining their own at-large. Other than that, a total outsider would have to win the American. That seems very unlikely. In fact, some people already consider the American the seventh power conference.

Last Four In, with a bye: Oklahoma, Texas, Utah State, Temple

Last Four In, play-in games: Arizona State, Alabama, Minnesota, Clemson

First Eight Out: St. Mary’s, Seton Hall, Furman, Murray State, Butler, San Francisco, Toledo, East Tennessee State

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Beef’s Bracket, February 25, 2019 Edition