On Press Row – 4/16/18 – Presented by Whiskey Road Tavern & Grill

WhiskeyRoad-PostPresenterAdA Monday edition of On Press Row with the Sportsguy Gary Rima and the Sports Stud Chris Dobernecker kicks off with Eric Braley aka Mr. UNI to fill everyone in on a huge weekend for Panther Athletics. Braley was the MC for the annual Rally in the Valley took place to raise money for the Panther Scholarship Club this past Friday. Also, a new event for Panther Athletes as the first annual PESPYs to honor athletes with awards for different reasons. The Waterloo Black Hawks are the 2018 Anderson Cup champions! Hear from head coach and GM P.K. O’Handley on a tremendous regular season and what is ahead as the Black Hawks chase the Clark Cup.

Hour number two kicks off with a little baseball talk as the Iowa split games with Nebraska and the Chicago Cubs had an incredible comeback on Saturday. Get a little preview of a segment that will be done on Thursday with Rebound Forward author Randy Brown. UNI Softball had a three-game series this weekend against Loyola. Get the recap on that and a preview of what is ahead for the Panther softball team. The NCAA Football Rules Committee has approved new rules for the 2018 football season. The biggest is a new kickoff rule. Find out everything you need to know about the rule and how the guys feel about this new rule.