On Press Row – 4/13/18 – Presented by Whiskey Road Tavern & Grill

WhiskeyRoad-PostPresenterAdIt’s an open line Friday edition of On Press Row with the Sportsguy Gary Rima and the Sports Stud Chris Dobernecker. UNI Softball hosted instate rival Iowa State last night, hear how the extra inning game turned out. The first hour has plenty of talk regarding college players transferring, UNI football and basketball expectations and much more! A few emails provoke some interesting conversation about how optimistic fans should be going into UNI football and basketball seasons. Joe Mauer of the Twins became the third player in franchise history to record his 2,000 hit. This makes for a good trivia question, find out the answer on OPR!

Hour number two of the show begins by addressing the issue of the lack of basketball referees in the state of Iowa. The number of officials has dwindled by over 500 in just 10 years. The Sportsguy and Sports Stud offer some solutions and talk about an interesting idea taking place in Fort Dodge. South Carolina basketball coach Frank Martin has some really good comments about the behavior of parents at athletic events. UCONN Women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma also gives his comments on the changing nature of competition and where that is coming from. Lots of calls flood the lines with thoughts on how parents act at games today.