Beef’s Bracketology, FINAL EDITION

Beef's Bracketology

It’s go time and I’ve been up for three hours cranking out this final edition. Honestly, I’m not even so worried about how well this is graded later on. I put forth a bracket here that I believe would be best suited for the tournament, not necessarily exactly who The Selection Committee is going to put in. Sometimes my heart gets the better of me because I give a little too much love to the mid-majors. Sometimes I gotta keep in it check more.


Anyhow, here is the final bracket and the list of the 68 teams I selected from my RiSK Rankings. There are a few contingencies, that are noted on the RiSK table, but they should be pretty easy to understand. There’s still one bid poacher alive today, so the at-large pool could still get sniped. Yes, I said sniped, not snipped. But really, either term fits here.

Beef’s Bracket

RiSK Rankings