On Press Row – 2/09/18 – Presented by Whiskey Road Tavern & Grill

WhiskeyRoad-PostPresenterAdOn a Friday edition of On Press Row hosted by the Sports Stud Chris Dobernecker filling in for the Sports Guy Gary Rima as he travels with the UNI basketball team. This edition of On Press Row will be airing multiple interviews that have been On Press Row that are relevant to upcoming events. These interviews include Olympic Gold medalist Bill Smith, Jeff Stien interviewing Mike Chapman about Frank Gotch, an interview with future Panther A.J. Green, a Daurice Fountain interview and Mark Farley on the Panthers signing class.

Before the Panther Women’s basketball team takes on Indiana State, the Sports Stud gives you a run down of sporting events this weekend as well as some good news for the Iowa State Cyclones.