Beef’s Bracketology, February 5 Edition

Beef's Bracketology

Mid- and low-majors continue to only hold four paltry at-large bids, out of thirty-six.  There may be some help for them later on in conference tournament time.  A few of these mid- and low-majors have moved up far enough that they would be receiving at-large bids if they lose in their respective tourneys.  These include; St. Mary’s (West Coast, if not lost to Gonzaga), Nevada (Mountain West, if not lost to Boise State), Rhode Island (Atlantic Ten), Middle Tennessee (Conference USA) and possibly, New Mexico State (Western Athletic).  Vermont (America East) is also getting close to this group.  One has to remember though, only so much poaching can occur.  The further you go down from the top, the lesser likely it is that a poached bid were to happen.  There’s likely only a maximum of three to four.

The multi-bid conferences look like this…

  • 8, Atlantic Coast
  • 8, Southeastern
  • 6, Big XII
  • 6, Big East
  • 6, Big Ten
  • 4, Pacific Twelve
  • 3, American
  • 2, Mountain West
  • 2, West Coast

The last four teams in, with byes are: Florida, Houston, Alabama, Providence

The last four teams in, playing in play-in games are: Boise State, Virginia Tech, UCLA, Nebraska

The first eight teams missing the cut are: Syracuse, Kansas State, Southern Methodist, North Carolina State, Western Kentucky, St. Bonaventure, Mississippi State

Linked below is the projected bracket as it would sit today. Also below are the current RiSK Rankings. RiSK is an equal, three-part compilation of each contenders RPI(R), Sagarin(S) and KenPom(K) Rankings. There are numerous teams not shown who may actually have better numbers than some of those shown, but many of those towards the bottom of the RiSK are one of the top two teams from conferences that will only receive one bid(its automatic). They are included because they’re being tracked for those automatic bids. Teams will appear and fall off fluidly until mid-February, when the contenders are more concrete. This RiSK Ranking is not an end-all as far as selection or seeding, but it seems to be a pretty solid and usual tool.

Beef’s Bracket

RiSK Rankings