Beef’s Bracketology, version 2017.7

Beef's Bracketology

Six days remain, everyone’s regular season is done and conference tourneys are happening all this week.  A few have even finished.  Not going to do a lot of talking, just going to put the information out there.  With that, here are the multi-bid conferences this week.

  • Multi-bid Conferences

9…Atlantic Coast

7…Big Ten

6…Big XII

5…Big East


4…Pacific Twelve


3…Atlantic Ten

2…Missouri Valley

2…West Coast

  • Last Four In, with byes

Houston, Michigan, Illinois State, Southern California

  • Last Four In, play-in

Vanderbilt, Michigan State, Kansas State, Marquette

  • First Eight Missing The Cut

Seton Hall, Providence, California, Syracuse, Iowa, Utah, Georgia, Brigham Young

Below is a link to the current RiSK Rankings.  RiSK is an acronym for a very simple power ranking for college basketball.  It combines equal weight of the RPI(R), Sagarin Ratings(S) and KenPom Ratings(K).  It’s actually a pretty good gauge about who should be in the field and where they should be seeded.  It’s not an end-all by any stretch, but it’s a pretty useful tool to get you in the neighborhood.  There is also a link to the field, in bracket form, as it presently stands.

RiSK Rankings & Bracketology – RiSK

Below is how the bracket could look if the season ended yesterday, March 5.

RiSK Rankings & Bracketology – Bracket