Beef’s Bracketology, version 2017.6

Beef's Bracketology

We’re now thirteen days from Selection Sunday.  There’s also a handful of conferences that have finished up their regular season slates and will be starting their conference tournaments as soon as the end of this week.  The season has flown by.

The strength near the top line continues to hold pat, even though both Villanova and Gonzaga each lost this week.  For whatever reason, Villanova can’t figure out how to beat Butler and Gonzaga, they just lost to a pretty good Brigham Young team, who did enough to trip up the Bulldogs thoughts about a perfect season.  Hey, 29-1 still isn’t too shabby.  There’s 350 other teams who’d take that record.

Where the real action is, and this holds true every year, is on the bubble.  It’s kind of its own soda machine; some bubbles emerge, rise to the top then pop, only to disappear.  Then they may regenerate, appear again and hang around at the top of the water line.  It’s a very fluid thing.  But enough of the puns, let’s look at the conference-by-conference, multi-bid breakdown this week.

  • Multi-bid Conferences, this week

9…Atlantic Coast

7…Big Ten

6…Big XII

5…Big East

5…Pacific Twelve



3…Atlantic Ten

2…Missouri Valley

2…West Coast

  • Last Four In, with byes

Northwestern, Southern California, Rhode Island, Houston

  • Last Four In, play-in

California, Kansas State, Wake Forest, Seton Hall

  • First Eight missing the cut

Marquette, Providence, Texas Christian, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, Brigham Young, Valparaiso

Below is a link to the current RiSK Rankings.  RiSK is an acronym for a very simple power ranking for college basketball.  It combines equal weight of the RPI(R), Sagarin Ratings(S) and KenPom Ratings(K).  It’s actually a pretty good gauge about who should be in the field and where they should be seeded.  It’s not an end-all by any stretch, but it’s a pretty useful tool to get you in the neighborhood.  There is also a link to the field, in bracket form, as it presently stands.

RiSK Rankings & Bracketology – RiSK

For those in the Cedar Valley of Iowa, if the Northern Iowa Panthers were fortunate enough to go to St. Louis and win Arch Madness, their seed would be the low #14(at best) to a more likely #15.

Below is how the bracket could look if the season ended yesterday, February 26.

RiSK Rankings & Bracketology – Bracket