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Beef's Bracketology

Can there really only be four Sundays left until Selection Sunday?  Much like the rest of our hurry along society nowadays, it’s true.  It seems like just a few days ago, the season was getting started.  Then BOOM!  Non-conference season is done and the conference slate took over.  Now we’re sitting at a point in the season where you can realistically look at some teams and know for certain they’ll be dancing.  But one way or the other, everybody is trying to put themselves in the best possible situation they can.  If that means also-rans slotting for a one-bid conference tournament bid, or the elites fighting for a #1 or #2 in the hopes they can play tournament games within a few hours from home.

These last four weeks, we’ll list the conference by conference breakdown and the teams directly on the bubble.

  • Multi-bid Conferences…

10…Atlantic Coast

7…Big XII

7…Big Ten

4…Big East

4…Pacific Twelve



3…Atlantic Ten

2…Missouri Valley

2…West Coast

  • Last Four In, with byes…

Kansas State, Rhode Island, Michigan, Southern California

  • Last Four In, play-in…

Michigan State, Houston, Arkansas, Syracuse

  • First Eight Missing the Field…

Wake Forest, Seton Hall, Utah, Nevada, Marquette, Tennessee, Georgia, Clemson

Below is a link to the current RiSK Rankings.  RiSK is an acronym for a very simple power ranking for college basketball.  It combines equal weight of the RPI(R), Sagarin Ratings(S) and KenPom Ratings(K).  It’s actually a pretty good gauge about who should be in the field and where they should be seeded.  It’s not an end-all by any stretch, but it’s a pretty useful tool to get you in the neighborhood.  There is also a link to the field, in bracket form, as it presently stands.

RiSK Rankings & Bracketology – RiSK

RiSK Rankings & Bracketology – Bracket