Beef’s Bracketology, version 2017.3

Beef's Bracketology

Beginning of February is upon us and the March towards March Madness is really into full swing.  There’s been a few upsets in some of the major conferences and some musical chairs occurring.

The mid- and low-majors continue to hold five of the thirty-six at-large spots.  Only one change in that group from last week, as Richmond lost their spot as the Atlantic Ten’s auto representative, but fellow conference mate, Rhode Island picked up that at-large void.  There was some shuffling within the six major conferences.  A few spots switched between teams and a couple conferences upped their current field total by stealing from another league.  At lot of this had to do from teams like Oklahoma State and Wake Forest, who had important conference wins this week.  Both of these teams were already in good graces with their computer numbers but these wins brought their conference marks closer to .500.  A major conference team is usually a lock with good computer numbers and a conference record .500 or better, so closing this gap is giving them the benefit of the doubt right now.

Below is a link to the current RiSK Rankings.  RiSK is an acronym for a very simple power ranking for college basketball.  It combines equal weight of the RPI(R), Sagarin Ratings(S) and KenPom Ratings(K).  It’s actually a pretty good gauge about who should be in the field and where they should be seeded.  It’s not a end-all by any stretch, but it’s a pretty useful tool to get you in the neighborhood.  There is also a link to the field as it presently stands.

RiSK Rankings & Bracketology – RiSK

RiSK Rankings & Bracketology – Bracket

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