MVFC At-A-Glance, Regular Season Wrapup


1. South Dakota State (8-3 overall, 7-1 MVFC): With the way the Jackrabbits put it on Northern Iowa to secure themselves the Valley’s automatic playoff spot, they had to be moved to the top position.  Not to mention, they did beat NDSU at their place and beat the aforementioned Panthers at their place worse than those same Bison.


2. North Dakota State (10-1, 7-1): They really did nothing deserving of losing the top spot.  It was a little more in what the other team did.  The Bison did struggle a little bit with South Dakota to finish up, but one has to wonder if that was just easing off the gas in preparation for the playoffs.  They still nabbed the #1 seed in the tournament and now have home field advantage all the way to Fargo South(Frisco, Texas), provided they keep winning.


3. Youngstown State (8-3, 6-2): Someone must have told the Penguins they needed to win their last game convincingly to get a playoff berth.  Well, question answered.  They put a beat down on Missouri State, 65-20.  Now, the First Round of the playoffs are here and they host the Southern Conference’s Samford.


4. Illinois State (6-5, 4-4): Wow!  I don’t think anybody was expecting the Redbirds name to be called on Selection Sunday.  They did win their last three, including wins over Western Illinois and South Dakota State.  But considering thy finished with the same record as Eastern Illinois, who had the same record AND beat Illinois State head-to-head in September?  Shocked!  Ultra tough First Round game at Central Arkansas.


5. Northern Iowa (5-6, 4-4): What could have been?  Obviously, The Committee’s selection of Illinois State clearly says, ‘Hey, UNI, if you win your last game, you’re in the field.’  Unfortunately, SDSU had different ideas.  Perhaps they knew the danger of a Panthers team in the playoffs and didn’t want to take a chance at seeing them a second time.


6. Western Illinois (6-5, 3-5): What should have been?  The Leathernecks were a legit top 10 team at one point during the regular season and it was only about three weeks ago.  In fact, they looked about as safe as anybody to make the playoffs.  Then, for some reason or another, this team was snake bit and every possible thing that could have gone wrong did.  All it took was one more win.


7. South Dakota (4-7, 3-5): The Coyotes gave all they had to try an derail the Bison’s stampede to the top overall seed in the playoffs.  They were unable to recapture the magic they had in 2015 though and dropped their finale to NDSU.  There’s a lot to look forward to from this team and that’s something those above them are not interested in hearing.


8. Southern Illinois (4-7, 2-6): Last week the forecast was that they could end an in-state rival’s playoff hopes and BAM!  A furious 4th quarter comeback and the Salukis spoil WIU’s season.  And for that, they leave the cellar here and move to 8th.  Doesn’t seem like much, but there’s gotta be some reward for a team who didn’t give up on themselves and then showed it on the field.


9. Indiana State (4-7, 2-6): The Sycamores didn’t lose last week…of course, they didn’t win either.  Kinda makes you wonder if they would have had their bye week after Week 4 like most Valley teams, if they would have been able to regroup just a little better and had a better accounting of themselves.


10. Missouri State (4-7, 2-6): It had been mentioned that this team was completely out of momentum and they finished that way.  2017 is a good place for them to play their next game, they need to recharge the batteries.  Something can be said though for a team who finishes in last place and still won two conference games and four overall.