MVFC At-A-Glance, Week 11

1. North Dakota State (9-1 overall, 6-1 MVFC): The Bison whipped Indiana State, not really in typical fashion.  Usually, NDSU gets up and just grinds it out.  The Sycamores were ground up, but also spit out.  NDSU is assured of a national seed, even with a loss.  A win should be the top seed considering they have one of the best resumes in all of FCS and beat Eastern Washington.  Before any of that comes to fruition, they have to avenge a loss from last year.  Next, @ South Dakota.

2. South Dakota State (7-3, 6-1): The Jackrabbits took care of their in-state rival last week.  Now they’re set up to win their finale and give themselves the MVFC’s automatic bid to the playoffs.  Even losing, their resume should have them playing after this week.  It’s a possibility a win could sneak SDSU into the very bottom of the national seeds.  But a trip to Cedar Falls comes first.  Next, @ Northern Iowa.

3. Youngstown State (7-3, 5-2): The Penguins should be sitting good for the playoffs after beating Southern Illinois.  A win makes them a lock.  Probably not good enough for a national seed, but they would almost assuredly be hosting in the First Round…potentially against Western Illinois, who they did not play during the regular season.  Next, @ Missouri State.

4. Northern Iowa (5-5,4-3): What a difference a month makes.  Four weeks ago, the “cardiac cats” had all but sunk their season and looked like a team who was about to mail it in.  Instead, like they’ve done the last couple years, they’ve dug deep.  Last week they won at Western Illinois, in a game they control much more than the 7-point victory indicated.  Finishing with a win gets them to 6-5 overall and 5-3 in conference.  They will make The Committee’s job very difficult doing that.  Next, vs. South Dakota State.

5. Western Illinois (6-4, 3-4): The Leathernecks are headed the exact opposite direction you want to be heading into the playoffs.  All they’ve needed was one win in their last three.  Two weeks have passed and a win has not yet materialized.  Their resume overall is definitely worthy, but losing three straight going into the playoffs would be the final nail in their coffin.  Next, @ Southern Illinois.

6. Illinois State (6-5, 4-4): The Redbirds season is done and they did all they could to get back into the playoff conversation.  A dominant 37-0 win helps also.  It might hurt not playing on the final weekend though.  A lot has to happen in other conferences that they have no control over, but this is the hole they dug themselves.  Now they have to sit and wait.  Next, season completed.

7. South Dakota (4-6, 3-4): South Dakota lose to SDSU, ending the playoff hopes of the Coyotes.  Nothing but pride remains for the finale.  However, they could be the one team in FCS to have repeat wins over the five-time champions if they were to pull the upset again.  Next, vs. North Dakota State.

8. Indiana State (4-7, 2-6): The Sycamores were dogged by NDSU to end their season.  A disppointing record, but still some hope moving forward to next year.  Next, season completed.

9. Missouri State (4-6, 2-5): The Bears were squashed by the Redbirds, badly.  This looks like a team who is now out of gas.  Their might have been fumes before, even though the defense has been lit like a Christmas tree for over a month, but it’s a team-wide thing now.  Next, vs. Youngstown State.

10. Southern Illinois (3-7, 1-6): The string can’t get here soon enough in Carbondale.  But, for all the sorrows, the Salukis can take pride in ending an in-state rivals playoff hopes by winning this week.  Spoiler is the only role left.  Next, vs. Western Illinois.