MVFC At-A-Glance, Week 7

1. South Dakota State (4-2 overall, 3-0 MVFC): Well, I start doing this new At-A-Glance column and KA-BOOM!  Upset at the top the very first week!  It took a last second(s) play to do it, but the Jackrabbits won and they did it at North Dakota State’s place.  With that win comes a new pressure of being one of the best conference’s lead dogs, but they seem up to the challenge.  Next, vs. Youngstown State.


2. North Dakota State (5-1, 2-1): The Bison lose a home game, just like they did during the middle of last season.  Who cares?  Only the NDSU fanbase.  This team isn’t going anywhere.  Everyone knows this team is going to be a major player come the end of the season.  Next, @ Western Illinois.


3. Youngstown State (5-1, 3-0): The Penguins looked lost offensively in their first half against Northern Iowa.  Losing your top two quarterbacks tends to have that effect.  But their defense is national, top level.  Don’t wanna look too far ahead, but two more wins and this bunch is going to the playoffs.  Next, @ South Dakota State.


4. Western Illinois (5-1, 2-1):  Talk about getting everything an opponent can give to you.  Missouri State was not a very kind host to the nationally ranked Leathernecks.  Still, they persevered and came away with a last minute drive to steal the victory just before skipping outta town.  They come home now, but they’re going to face an upset opponent.  Next, vs. North Dakota State.


5. South Dakota (3-3, 2-1):  The Coyotes parlayed their home upset of Northern Iowa into a road victory against Indiana State.  This team wasn’t far off at the end of last year and it’s looking more and more apparent that the right coach is now in control to drive it even further.  Next, vs. Illinois State.


6. Missouri State (3-3, 1-2):  Although the Bears took a home loss against Western Illinois, their effort showed more than enough to actually give them a bump this week.  A team first takes a step up by making the better teams sweat, then pulling an upset now and then, on their way to building a winning program.  Waiting for an upset now.  Next, @ Northern Iowa.


7. Indiana State (3-4, 1-3): Last week’s loss to South Dakota really stings for the Sycamores.  That was a game they figured they HAD to have to have any realistic chance of upsetting their way into the playoffs.  It’s a huge uphill climb now.  They’re probably playing for momentum towards next season.  Next, @ Southern Illinois.


8. Illinois State (3-4, 1-3): This team has too much talent to really be in the spot they are.  Beating Southern Illinois last week isn’t something that’s going to flash on the radar and say, “We’re back!”  But, you have to start somewhere.  There’s still time to repair the damage done.  Next, @ South Dakota.


9. Northern Iowa (2-4, 1-2): Let’s face it, the Panthers defense is being wasted by their offense.  This is also a nationally elite-level defense.  But the offense is atrocious, pathetic and vanilla.  Nothing better can be said about the special teams either.  Overall, this team is like Illinois State, there’s way too much talent to be here.  Next, vs. Missouri State.


10. Southern Illinois (2-4, 0-3): Things are not looking good for the Salukis.  They’ve already lost to the two teams directly in front of them here and they still have five more games to play in this conference.  The ONLY silver lining is that North Dakota State isn’t one of them.  Next, vs. Indiana State.