No Rima Reason-Inside the Numbers of a 28-25 loss to South Dakota



Sometimes the stats of a football game just don’t seem to make sense when you also compare them to the final score of the game. Case in point, UNI seemed to dominate a lot of the important stats in their football game this past Saturday at the Dakota Dome in Vermillion, SD against the South Dakota Coyotes. But South Dakota found a way to win the game 28-25. Here is a look inside the numbers of that UNI Panther loss.

The categories where UNI won the ‘numbers’ game:

24—-The number of first downs UNI would get in the game

11—–The number of first downs South Dakota would have in the game

78—-The number of offensive plays UNI would run

49—-The number of offensive plays that South Dakota would run

38+–The number of minutes UNI would have the football in a 60 minute game

21+–The number of minutes South Dakota would have the football

8—–The number of times in 17 chances that UNI would convert on third down

4—-The number of times in 11 chances that South Dakota would convert on third down

Here are the ‘numbers’ from the game that were even or very close between the 2 teams:

1—-The number of turnovers for both teams as each quarterback threw one interception

385–Total yards offensive for the South Dakota Coyotes

378—Total yards of offense for the UNI Panthers

4—-How many times each team had to punt during the game

The ‘number’ categories that South Dakota won:

5—The number of times South Dakota’s defense would record a sack

0—The number of sacks that the UNI defense would get

6—The number of penalties that South Dakota would have called on them

9—-The number of penalties that UNI would have called on them

45—The total number of penalty yards against South Dakota

69—The number of yards UNI would be penalized in the loss to South Dakota

66—The pass completion percentage for South Dakota (8 for 12 in passing game)

57—The pass completion percentage for UNI ( 12 of 21 in the passing game)

7.9—Average gain per play for the South Dakota Coyotes

4.8—Average gain per play for the UNI Panther offense

22.8–Average yards per pass completion for the South Dakota Coyotes

12.4—Average yards per pass completion for the UNI Panthers

100%—Red zone scoring percentage for South Dakota (1 for 1)

80%—UNI Panthers red zone scoring ( 4 for 5)

7——-Points of turnovers for South Dakota

0–Points off turnovers for the UNI Panthers  (each team had 1 interception in the game)

10.7—Average yards per carry for South Dakota’s leading rusher QB Chris Streveler who rushed for 128

5.1—–Average yards per carry for UNI’s leading rusher Tyvis Smith who rushed for 102

69—-South Dakota’s longest running play (QB Chris Streveler had this run)

32—UNI’s longest running play(Aaron Bailey had a 32 yard run)

75—-Longest passing play for South Dakota

40—Longest passing play for the UNI Panthers offense

9—–The number of TFL’s (tackles for a loss) that the South Dakota defense would have

3—–The number of TFL’s (tackles for a loss) that the UNI Panther defense would have

35—The number of yards that South Dakota would get in their 9 TFL’s

5—The number of yards that UNI Panther defense would get in their 3 TFL’s

Both the UNI Panthers and the South Dakota Coyotes are now 1-1 in MVFC play and 2-3 overall. Both teams were able to win the one home game in the MVFC they have had so far and have lost their only conference road game. It doesn’t get any easier for the UNI Panthers this week as they have to travel to top 15 rated Youngstown State. This will be the first meeting between these two teams since 2013. Youngstown State was off UNI’s schedule the past two seasons.