No Rima Reason: Inside the Numbers of UNI’s 20-14 loss to Montana


On Saturday afternoon, for the first time since 1987, the Montana Grizzlies played the UNI Panthers on the Panthers home field, the UNI-Dome. Montana beat UNI back in 1987 and also own 4 home wins over the Panthers with one caveat. The 2011 Montana win over UNI in the FCS playoffs was vacated by the NCAA due to violating several NCAA rules governing student-athletes.

UNI entered Saturdays game looking for that elusive first win over the Griz but it just didn’t happen. Montana escaped the UNI-Dome with a 20-14 win. Here is a look ‘Inside the Numbers’ of that gut wrenching loss for the UNI Panthers.

20–Number of first downs by UNI

12–Number of first downs by Montana

82–Number of offensive plays UNI ran

65–Number of offensive plays Montana ran

351–Total yards of offensive by the UNI Panthers

206–Total yards of offensive by the Montana Grizzlies

0–Number of turnovers in the game by Montana

0–Number of times either team converted on a 4th down play (UNI 0-3; Montana 0-1)

2–Number of turnovers in the game by UNI; both fumbles

6–How many times UNI converted on a 3rd down play

4–How many times Montana converted on a 3rd down play

100–The percentage by Montana in Red Zone scoring (1-1)

25—The percentage by UNI in Red Zone scoring (1 of 4)

130–Yards rushing by UNI’s Tyvis Smith to lead all players in that category

76–Yards rushing for Montana’s John Nguyen to lead the Griz in rushing

2–How many times the UNI defense would sack the Griz quarterback

5–The number of times Montana sacked UNI quarterback Aaron Bailey

194–Number of yards that UNI quarterback Aaron Bailey passed for

118–Number of yards that Montana quarterback Brady Gustafson threw for

43–Completion percentage by UNI quarterback Aaron Bailey (16 of 37)

46–Completion percentage by Montana Quarterback Brady Gustafson 14 of 30)

7–Number of receptions by UNI wide receiver Daurice Fountain to lead all players in that category

5–Number of receptions by Montana’s Jerry Louie-McGee to lead the Griz

81–The length of the punt return for a TD by Montana’s Jerry Louie-McGee

9–The number of punts by UNI’s Sam Kuhter

10–The number of punts in the game by Montana’s Eric Williams

33–Number of minutes that UNI had possession of the football

27–Number of minutes that Montana had possession of the football

36–Average starting field position for UNI (36 yard line of UNI)

22–Average starting field position for Montana (own 22 yard line)

5.5–The number of TFL’s (tackle for loss) that UNI’s Karter Schult recorded

2–number of sacks that UNI would have in the game

2–The number of sacks that Karter Schult would have for UNI

12,346–Attendance to see this match up between #3 UNI and #14 Montana

UNI plays at Eastern Washington next Saturday at 6:00pm. Eastern Washington lost this past Saturday at #1 ranked North Dakota State 50-44 in overtime. EWU beat Washington State out of the Pac-12 in their season opener.