#MVCHoops Power Rankings


We reverse course from last week, as there are now ten down and eight to go, instead of vise versa. One thing that hasn’t changed? Wichita State has pretty much all but cinched themselves the conference title, even with a little less than half the conference calendar remaining. The race towards the middle-bottom is heating up as those teams try to avoid the bottom four spots and the Thursday Arch Madness games that come with them. Let’s check the shake down…

1. Wichita State — (15-5 / 10-0), previously #1

As mentioned before, the Shockers have all but clinched the conference championship. The likelihood this team loses three games down the stretch is about zer0. In fact, the thought they lose any game seems like a dream. They’re healthy and focused. Not a good situation for anyone left on their schedule.

SCHED: vs. Southern Illinois, @ Illinois State.

2. Evansville — (17-5 / 7-3), previously #4

The Purple Aces won a very important game in Carbondale mid-week, but fell at home to Wichita State. In a way, it’s like a perfect week, since nobody can beat the Shockers anyway.

SCHED: @ Northern Iowa, vs. Missouri State.

3. Southern Illinois — (17-5 / 7-3), previously #2

The thought the Salukis were on the verge of securing a .500 record were ill-thought, as a winless week was the result. And guess what? Their Wichita State trip is next.

SCHED: @ Wichita State, vs. Loyola, Chicago.

4. Indiana State — (11-10 / 6-4), previously #3

A split week, beating Missouri State, then losing to Loyola. Seems appropriate for a mid-level team. They have to be looking forward to what lies ahead this week.

SCHED: vs. Drake, @ Bradley.

5. Missouri State — (8-13 / 5-5), previously #6

They lost to Indiana State and beat Illinois State, so we’ll slot them in the middle of the I-State sandwich.

SCHED: vs. Bradley, @ Evansville.

6. Illinois State — (11-11 / 6-4), previously #5

The Redbirds did win against Drake, but the loss to fellow mid-carder drops them a spot.

SCHED: @ Loyola, Chicago, @ Wichita State.

7. Northern Iowa — (11-11 / 4-6), previously #8

A bump for the Panthers this week. The Bradley victory was convincing, but it was expected. Then giving SIU their first true road loss of the season? Maybe the Panthers are waking up.

SCHED: vs. Evansville, @ Drake.

8. Loyola, Chicago — (9-12 / 3-7), previously #7

Other than losing to Wichita State, the Ramblers did nothing to really lose their spot, it’s more a function of the other team taking it. Statement games coming, if they’re up to the test.

SCHED: vs. Illinois State, @ Southern Illinois.

9. Drake — (5-16 / 1-9), previously #10

The Bulldogs get off the schneid and into the win column this week. Now to work on the next one.

SCHED: @ Indiana State, vs. Northern Iowa.

10. Bradley — (2-20 / 1-9), previously #9

Tough times continue in Peoria. This team has heart but it’s not translating into wins.

SCHED: @ Missouri State, vs. Indiana State.