Movie Review: “The Gift”

“The Gift” is the most current and unpleasantly creepy suspense film in theaters.

Its star, Joel Edgerton, has made his debut in the director’s chair for the twisted and intriguing thriller.

Husband and wife, Simon (Jason Bateman) and Robyn (Rebecca Hall), moved to the suburbs of Los Angeles from Chicago due to Simon’s uppity new sales job.

The couple’s house, made up of nearly all glass windows (it’s a scary movie, right?), serves as Robyn’s work space.  While the two are out running errands, an unfamiliar man approaches Simon claiming that they were high school graduates together.  After some awkward dialogue, Simon finally recollects Gordo’s (Edgerton) existence and they exchange goodbyes.

Days later, the couple discovers a house warming gift on the front step.

Several more thoughtful gifts appear the following days, as well as spontaneous visits from Gordo while Simon is at work.

The situation seems to be getting out of hand, so Simon confronts Gordo about the “generosity,” and warns him to stay away from the house; however, this is not the last time they encounter Gordo.

By this point Robyn, as well as the audience, can sense that there is an underlying history that Simon might not be disclosing.

The movie twists and turns until the truth is revealed at the end.

Viewers will be glued to the screen until the conclusion, so take your bathroom break beforehand.

“The Gift” is the best underrated thriller of the season.

Rated R

1 hour, 48 minutes

4.5/5 Stars

Rotten Tomatoes 92%