Beef’s Way Too Early FCS Bracketology


Way too early, preseason, FCS Bracketology.

I went through the schedules on all viable contenders in FCS football.  Checked out multiple sites projections for finish, returning players, and transfers. Then tried to make some educated guesses.  Which is like deciding between Oreos and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

After whittling down the field to ten automatic bids (the Mid-Eastern Conference gave up their bid this year to play in the Celebration Bowl against the Southwestern champion) and fourteen at-large berths, I tried to pair up the teams based on regional viability.  This is what the FCS Committee does, if they can.  The committee also avoid rematches, if at all possible, until the quarterfinals, which doesn’t always happen.

It’s really tough to make any serious assumptions before any games have been played.  But this is fun exercise to get us all talking.


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  • Jason Groomes

    I’ve actually updated this. The bracket should look more like this…
    ———-] #1 North Dakota State
    —–] Indiana State @ Eastern Illinois
    —–] Bucknell @ New Hampshire
    ———-] #8 Northern Iowa
    ———-] #5 Coastal Carolina
    —–] Wofford @ Jacksonville State
    —–] San Diego @ Eastern Washington
    ———-] #4 Montana State
    ———-] #3 Illinois State
    —–] Eastern Kentucky @ James Madison
    —–] Southeastern Louisiana @ Montana
    ———-] #6 Sam Houston State
    ———-] #7 Chattanooga
    —–] Liberty @ William & Mary
    —–] Bryant @ Fordham
    ———-] #2 Villanova