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When I was in Florida I took my grandkids to a movie one afternoon.

I was in Florida the week after UNI won the Mens MVC post season tournament in St. Louis and before they made the trip to Seattle for the NCAA tournament. We were struggling to find a movie that was family friendly.  Then, I noticed a Disney movie was showing called McFarland, USA. It said it was based on a true story, and anyone who knows me, knows my favorite movies are either true stories, or based on a true story or true events. If it just happens to be a sports themed movie, that is all the better.McFarland, USA2

McFarland, USA is about a high school coach named Jim White (Kevin Costner) who loses his football job at one school, then accepts a new job and moves his family to McFarland, California.

The town of McFarland is in California’s Central Valley, where a lot of ‘pickers’ live to harvest the fruit and vegetables in the area. The town is predominantly Latino, and mostly a low income area. Though it sits at the edge of America’s richest farms, McFarland is one of the nation’s poorest cities.

The football coaching position doesn’t work out for Coach White there either, but he stays and starts a cross country team.

White has no cross country coaching experience. He didn’t run cross country himself, but convinces the school to start a cross country program.

The boys who join the team work in the fields. Between work, school, and being on the cross country team, many challenges arise. The dedication and hard work pays off though.McFarland, USA3

I was really impressed with the movie. It is not the best acted film in the world, and Kevin Costner has been better in other movies, but the story and the way it was told was outstanding. It is a ‘David vs Goliath’ — or great underdog story.

This is another one of those ‘based on a true story’ movies that as you watch it you think, wow, this really happened. This coach, and these kids really did this! And, I thought it had two really good endings. Watch the movie and see if you agree that it had two good endings!

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and was glad I took my two grandsons to it. They are both wrestlers and I think they got the message about believing in yourself and how hard work pays off!

I highly recommend this movie to people of all ages. And, if you just happen to have grandkids; take ‘em!

RIMA MOVIE RATING: 4 Oh Baby’s  (Five Oh Baby’s being the best)

Oh Baby-Oh Baby-Oh Baby-Oh Baby