Rima Reviews – Movie – Dolphin Tale 2

On Monday night my Wife wanted to see the movie Dolphin Tale 2 at the Charles Theatre in Charles City.

We saw the first Dolphin Tale movie which was about ‘Winter’, a dolphin with no back fin. Both Dolphin Tale movies are based on  true stories. This past summer we stayed for 3 days at Clearwater Beach, Florida and drove right by the Clearwater Aquarium. That is where ‘Winter’ lives and this new movie about a dolphin named ‘Hope’ in Dolphin Tale 2 is about. We only drove by when we were in Florida this past summer we didn’t stop.

I must say my favorite movies are true story movies, or the ones that are based on true events.Dolphin Tale 2 is based on a true story so even before I watched it I knew I would like it for that reason.dolphin tale 2 header

I don’t know what liberties the movie took as far as things in the movie that didn’t really happen and I really don’t care to know. What I do know is that I enjoyed Dolphin Tale 2 – a lot.

The acting isn’t fabulous. Actually kind of amateurish at times. The script was just okay. At times some of the scenes and filming seemed almost low budget.

via usmagazaine.com

via usmagazaine.com

With that said, I loved the story! Any movie that can move me to have a tear or two down my check has to be good. I was sitting there thinking, “Man, I hope nobody sees me tearing up over a dolphin movie! I hope nobody sees me wipe the tears from the corner of my eyes and getting all emotional over the staff at the Clearwater Aquarium hoping two dolphins connect so that one of them doesn’t have to be moved to Texas!” There is also a neat sub-plot in the film about venturing out in this ‘big old’ world!

I’m not going to tell anymore. All I will say is go to this movie and take the kids with. And bring a box of tissues too!

By the way, Marla and I have already decided we are going back to Clearwater Beach this coming summer so we can go do something we should have done this past summer. We both want to go and see Winter and Hope at the Clearwater Beach Aquarium. Oh darn? Did I just give away the main story?