UNI Volleyball Recap: Evansville @ UNI

UNI women’s volleyball took on the Evansville Purple Aces Friday night in the McCloud Center in what proved to be a swift and easy takedown for the Panthers.

FINAL: UNI: 3, Evansville: 0.

Here’s how it all went down:

Game 1
The panthers played hard and strong right out of the gate. They grabbed the lead fast and held on to it throughout the first game. Evansville had a bit of a harder time. Their team captain was momentarily taken out of the game after a series of less than great moves. The panthers kept their play offensive and effective, easily taking game 1.

Game 1 Final Score:

  • UNI – 25
  • Evansville – 19

Game 2
Hoping to make up for the first game, Evansville took the early lead in Game 2. The panthers lost no time in getting it back, and had no intention of losing it again. After retaking the lead, Evansville lost a lot of steam and became virtually stagnant. The panthers overtook Evansville with seemingly little effort and quickly pulled away for another impressive win.

Game 2 Final Score:

  • UNI – 25
  • Evansville – 12

Game 3
By Game 3 Evansville was visibly dejected and beaten down. It was evident in their play. They were slower, sloppier and less focused. The Evansville team captain was once again momentarily removed from play after yet another series of bad plays. There was a short surge of energy in the final plays of game 3 in what seemed like a last-ditch effort by Evansville to, in essence, show up to the game they were playing. The panthers would have none of it. They kept on their game and left everything on the court.

Game 3 Final Score:

  • UNI – 25
  • Evansville – 11

Overall, Evansville tripped at the starting line and just couldn’t catch up. The panthers had a win in sight from the first spike and managed to keep their momentum going nonstop. With the help of more than a few strategy problems on Evansville’s side, UNI had no problem keeping them a fair distance away.

This latest victory represents the 999th win for UNI women’s volleyball. It also means the panthers maintain their perfect record in the Missouri Valley Conference, now 6-0.