Panther, Hawkeye, or Both?

photo courtesy Roland Ferrie & UNI Athletics

 | Feature Photo: Courtesy Roland Ferrie & UNI Athletics |

This weekend was the second time I’ve visited Kinnick Stadium for a football game and the second time I’ve cheered for the other team.

Or was I?

Okay, so I may have been sporting Panther gear at the game this past Saturday. But in reality, I was there to root for both teams.

Growing up, my father molded me into a Hawkeyes fan with basically only two rules: we don’t like State and we definitely don’t like Nebraska.

While Iowa State and Nebraska may be big rivals for Iowa, I would not consider Northern Iowa part of that category. Not to mention a lot of our students at UNI are also either Cyclone or Hawkeye fans. In fact, I saw all kinds of tweets from UNI students debating whether or not they would be sporting black and gold or purple and gold for this weekend’s past game. Fortunately, the Iowa fans this weekend didn’t act out too much when they saw those of us that decided to wear purple. While only a couple of my friends complained about beer being spilled on them this weekend, the rest were happy to inform me that not only were they satisfied with both of the teams performances, but also Iowa State’s loss.

So how was the experience for a UNI student leading a double life as a Panther and a Hawkeye fan?

photo courtesy Roland Ferrie & UNI Athletics

photo courtesy Roland Ferrie & UNI Athletics

Pretty spectacular I would say.

For instance, no matter how the game turned out I knew I would leave satisfied. While I did jump out of my seat when it came to UNI scoring, I wasn’t disappointed when the Hawks responded.

Overall, everything fell into place on Saturday afternoon. Not only were we blessed with perfect game day weather, but for those of us who are from Hawkeye homes, we witnessed victory. Of course, we also can’t forget that UNI played the game very well for being from a smaller division.

So while some of us may be split when it comes to the Hawkeyes and Cyclones, I think it’s safe to say at the end of the day we all come together nicely as Panthers.