Welcome ‘OPR Nation’ To the Official Website of On Press Row with The Sportsguy

Welcome to On Press Row with The Sportsguy Gary Rima’s website… www.onpressrow.com.

Ever since my radio show first aired in the fall of 2006 I hoped someday I could launch a website that would expand our coverage of sports in the state of Iowa and top stories from around the nation. Our goals with this website is to compliment the radio show, expand on topics, cover stories we couldn’t get to on the radio show and give our opinion on sports topics and happenings. Around the state, and the nation.

We want the site to not only be informative with stories and scores, but interactive with you. Just like the radio show. Give us your opinion on the different things we write about in the comments and ask our writers/staff questions!

A big THANK YOU to the newest member of the ON PRESS ROW team, Cole “The Sports” Bair. Cole has been a great addition to the radio show and he’s been instrumental in getting this website idea of mine off the ground and on the world wide web! He will be the Editor in Chief for the website along with making numerous contributions to the website on a regular basis.

We also welcome J.T. Nutt as a writer/contributor to the site. J.T. is a passionate sports fan who lives and works in Des Moines. J.T. has a number of different teams and sports he will be covering. I think you will enjoy his contributions and coverage.

We are always looking for additional staff, writers and sales people to contribute to the website. As a matter of fact, we will be giving some area college students a chance to be part of this sports coverage endeavor. We’ll help mentor them in this exciting field of sports broadcasting and sports writing.

I hope you enjoy the site. Log on it regularly and share your thoughts and opinions.! Good or bad, we want to hear from you! It’s because of YOU we developed this website. And we want it to be the best it can!

Thanks for your support and interest!

Gary Rima

ON PRESS ROW Owner/Chief Executive