Rima Reviews (Movie) – “When The Game Stands Tall”

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On occasion at this site I will give you my opinion on movies, restaurants, sports bars, travel, etc.

Today I am starting with a movie!

Sunday I saw “When The Game Stands Tall” at the Ultra Screen at the Crossroads Mall theatre in Waterloo. I have to tell you right off the bat that my favorite movies are true story, or based on a true story, movies. And if it is a sports movie, all the better. Keep in mind when a movie is “based” on a true story the producer will take liberties in adding things to the movie that never actually happened and add people to the story that never existed. I am sure this happened in this “based” on a true story movie, as it has in many others. Get past that part of it and I think you will really enjoy the movie and message it delivers.

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“When The Game Stands Tall” is based on a true story. It’s about the De La Salle High School Spartans football team out of Concord, California and their 151 game high school winning streak and what happens to the team after “the streak” is snapped.

Without giving the movie totally away, it is more than about just winning high school football games.

The Head Coach, Bob Ladouceur, has a great inspirational message to his players throughout this movie during the good and bad times in his school, his life and community.

The movie has heartbreak, tragedy and triumph along with the message of having your teammates back, brotherhood and reaching deep inside yourself to do something maybe you didn’t even think you could.

Sometimes in football movies the game shots are not very realistic, but I thought in this movie they were well done. Some of the other parts of the movie left a little to be desired but the game stuff was decent. Also I always love it at the end of the movie when they show actual footage from the story they are telling from plays that actually happened to coaches addressing their team. Make sure you don’t leave until all the final credits have rolled!

I’m going to refrain from giving you anymore information on the actual movie, as I really want you to see it not knowing what is going to happen.

Is it as good as Remember The Titans, Rudy, Brian’s Song, the Blind Side, all favorites of mine and all 5 OH BABY’S? I have to say no. But it’s good, it’s inspiring and I love the message. Go to it and see if you get the “message”.

  • Out of a possible 5 OH BABY’S, I give it:  3 1/2  OH BABY OH BABY OH BABY OH B